Google Account Agreement

“SLA” refers to the service level agreement that applies only to the Cloud Identity – Premium edition, which is located at: or any other URL that Google may provide. “end user account,” an account hosted by Google, created by the customer through services provided to an end user. “reseller agreement,” the separate agreement between the customer and the reseller with respect to services. The reseller agreement is independent of and outside the scope of this agreement. “service-specific conditions,” the specific conditions of one or more services at “Authorized Use Policies,” the acceptable usage policy for available services or any other URL that may be provided by Google. If you have a Google account, we link your account to a country (or region) so that we can determine: 6.1 You accept and understand that you are responsible for the privacy of passwords related to any account you use to access the Services. Apart from the rights and responsibilities described in this section (in the event of a problem or disagreement), Google is not responsible for any other losses, unless they are caused by our violation of these conditions or by additional service-specific conditions. 5.3 You agree not to access (or access) the Services other than using the user interface provided by Google, unless you have been expressly authorized to do so in a separate agreement with Google. You expressly agree to access (or access) automated usage instructions (including the use of scripts or webcrawlers) and ensure that you follow the instructions in the file .txt existing robot in the services. 9.3 If you have obtained the explicit right to use these brand functions in a separate written agreement with Google, you agree that your use of these features is consistent with this Agreement, all applicable Terms provisions, and Google`s Occasionally Updated Brand Features Policies. These policies can be viewed online at address (or any other URLs that Google may provide for this purpose from time to time).