Iatse Videotape Agreement

By mid-October, the flags had closed. and AMPTP cancelled negotiations on the 1996 West Coast Videotape Agreement. The four-year contract came into effect from September 29, 1996 to September 30, 2000. Wage increases, health and pension benefits and the full maintenance of benefits for the duration of the agreement are the same as those provided for in the 1996 basic agreement. Contributions to the individual account plan amounted to 30.5 cents per hour I of salaries on contract rates, effective September 29, 1996, 2% effective May 31, 1998 and 3% effective August 1, 1999. There was a new provision on minimum calls limited to reality, information and entertainment programs. In addition, the language of the additional 12-minute time limit for meal periods was identical to the basic agreement of 1996. Travel insurance in the Videotape and Film Agreement has been increased to $200,000. The agreement was unanimously adopted by representatives of the 22 local IATSE associations that participated in the negotiations, recommending that their members vote in favour of ratification. In 1996, IATSE successfully defeated Local 644`s efforts to block the merger of premises 644, 659 and 666 into a local camera with national jurisdiction. The court found that the concentration efforts were not initiated in bad faith or for the purpose of revenge on Local 644 and would not infringe the rights of Local 644. The court found that the evidence presented at the hearing “underlines the wisdom of President Short`s decision to merge the camera premises.” The Tribunal also found that Local 664, as the head of territory affiliated with IATSE, is necessarily subject to the IATSE Constitution, which contains an involuntary merger clause.