Learning Agreement Eth Mavt

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering students choose their tutor at the beginning of their master`s degree. The tutor for external students is indicated in the admission letter in accordance with the decisions of the admissions committee. During laboratory practice, students learn measurement methods, the use of appropriate devices and their practical use in research. 2. You have already taken the course in another course, usually in a bachelor`s degree course. Choose “Bachelor.” Additional mandatory courses are evaluated by examination blocks that take place during exam sessions. Please find out about the exchange programs before registering for your application on the mobile online platform. For more information, see “D-MAVT Student Exchange Information” (PDF, 1.4 MB) The PDF file is automatically created when submitted by students. Compulsory courses cannot be cancelled. Students should indicate if a course is already completed (for example. B bachelor) or if they wish to drop out of a course. To apply for the exchange program, students must have a good academic level (approximately 5.0).

During the fifth semester of the licence, you can apply for an exchange semester and exchange during the first or second semester of the master`s degree at the D-MAVT. Master`s students must obtain a bachelor`s degree from the EET. In Science in Perspective (SiP) courses, students learn to understand and critically challenge the links between scientific knowledge, technological innovations, cultural contexts, individuals and society. You have to buy 6 credit points. All SiP courses are defined by the Institute of The Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (D-GESS) and are marked in the course catalogue. In any of these cases, no credit is recognized in the apprenticeship agreement. The bachelor`s thesis corresponds to a workload of 420 hours (10 weeks full-time) and can be completed on a part-time or professional basis. The Bachelor of Science ETH in Mechanical Engineering diploma allows students to pursue their master`s studies at the ETH Zurich or other universities in Switzerland or abroad. Engineering tool courses provide important computer methods. In total, you have to take 5 tool engineering courses. Classes take place in bulk on the afternoon of the first week of the semester.