Non-Disclosure-Agreement Muster Englisch

Personalize your confidentiality agreement and protect your confidential information. In the event of an infringement, you can get a penalty for the effective protection of the confidentiality obligation. […] The confidentiality agreement is available for PDF download here (German version) and here. However, if the counterparty does not wish to enter into a stand-alone agreement, […] English contract model #7: the confidentiality and confidentiality agreement – people who have the right … Tags: CDA, cda template, confidentiality agreement, English privacy agreement model, English privacy agreement model, English privacy agreement model, NDA, nda template, Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement, template nda english, template non-disclosure agreement, non-disclosure template agreement 2. DISTRIBUTOR allows access to know-how only for workers who have signed a confidentiality obligation in Schedule 1 of this agreement before accessing the know-how. The originals of these signed confidentiality obligations are forwarded to CCC. For the purposes of this agreement, the term “DISTRIBUTOR” also includes all DISTRIBUTOR employees who have access to the know-how. 5. For each case of breach of this confidentiality obligation, DISTRIBUTOR pays a fine of 10,000.00 DM, which must not be paid on the damages suffered by CCC as a result of such a violation.

In the event of a non-trader`s participation, the arbitration clause must become in a separate agreement. CCC and DISTRIBUTOR intend to establish a reciprocal business relationship in connection with the sale of CCC products and/or services. (4) Notwithstanding distributor`s assessment of know-how, DISTRIBUTOR cannot use the know-how for its own or for third parties and must not submit protection for know-how or part of it.