Option Agreement Lexis

9.3 The supplier`s liability to the customer for breach of a condition or guarantee arising from a law that cannot be legally amended or excluded by this contract is limited, to the extent that the law permits it, depending on the supplier`s choice, to re-deliver the services or webinar materials or to pay for their re-delivery. There is nothing in this agreement to exclude liability in the event of death or bodily harm resulting from the supplier`s negligence. The terms and conditions of the webinar, your consent to access To Lexis services and the following points (together the “Conditions”) apply to the network lounge service. By using this service, you confirm that you have the power to use the Networking Lounge service, to accept and accept the terms. In this agreement, the following terms have the following meanings: An option contract is a contract by which a company gives a buyer the opportunity to buy new shares in the future. 9.1 To the extent permitted by law, a party concerned (as defined below) is not liable for losses, injuries, claims, claims or damages of any kind due to errors or omissions in the services or webbinary materials available or not; (b) unavailability or interruption of the provision of services or their functions or webinar equipment, (c) the use or misuse of services or equipment by the customer (whether the customer has received assistance from a party provided for the use or misuse of services), (d) the customer`s use of service-related devices, (e) the content of the webinar equipment; (f) any delay or non-performance outside the proper control of an insured party or (g) any negligence of an insured party or its insured personnel or (g) , contractors or auxiliaries related to the performance of their obligations under this agreement. This agreement is reached to [insert the date of implementation of the options agreement] by [inserting the name of the option holder] by [inserting the address of the option holder] (option holder); [and] 5.8 The customer may replace an authorized user to visit the Webinar event at any time and at no additional cost, provided that: a) the customer webinars@lexisnexis.co.uk in writing; (b) The authorized customer/user has not yet registered through the technology provider`s Webinar database and has therefore activated his email address for the Webinar event. 5.4 It is an explicit clause of this agreement that the customer informs the supplier of the number of authorized users who must access the Webbinaires event and Webbinaires materials. Fees depend on the number of users allowed. If the number changes, the customer must notify the supplier immediately and pay the supplier the additional amount owed. In the event that the customer does not inform the supplier of the exact number of authorized users, the supplier is entitled to consider such a breach as a substantial breach of contract and to immediately terminate that contract and to sue the customer for any direct and subsequent damages suffered by the supplier resulting from the breach suffered by the customer, including the supplier`s legal fees.

On the other hand, individual authorized users send a separate email with webinars@lexisnexis.co.uk requirements to process the order.