United Steelworkers Local 6500 Collective Agreement

The economy deteriorated again during the negotiations on the 1994 agreement. Inco wanted some concessions from the union, but the bargaining committee considered it to be a non-concessional agreement. Inco made a pre-retirement offer to downsize. The EU negotiated improved pension benefits, which also applied to those who had previously accepted the company`s offer. Local 6500 has more than 2,600 members in Sudbury alone, representing production and maintenance workers in the mining, milling, smelting and refining industries in Vales Sudbury. 6500 local members are proud to be good neighbours and to contribute to the building of a strong and vibrant community. Don`t hesitate to speak to your union representatives; That`s why we`re here! A nearly three-week strike accompanied the 1997 contract negotiations. The negotiating committee identified four key issues that led to the strike: wages, pensions, vacation pay and contracting. The commission negotiated a 30% per hour increase, plus 26% of COLA-roll-in, an increase in pensions, an increase in leave pay and a new contractual language guaranteeing new rents for the duration of the agreement. The services and language of the contracts have also been improved. In 1965, Local 6500 purchased the former Canadian Legion building for US$232,000. The building was to become the new trade union centre for steelmakers. In more than half a century, Local 6500 has achieved a long list of remarkable achievements over its 57-year history, and we have produced a number of outstanding leaders in the fields of work, politics, public service and education.

Most importantly, Local gave 6500 to our Union to three district-6 directors; Dave Patterson, Leo Gerard and Wayne Fraser. Our most famous son, Leo Gerard, has also served as National Director for Canada, International Secretary and currently International President of the United Steelworkers Union. “We negotiated an agreement that provides long-term security and takes into account our members` top priorities, including salaries, pensions, benefits and the language of the contract,” said Sean Sparkes, ETC Local 6200, which represents 115 workers in Port Colborne. I am pleased to confirm that the one-year renewal offer of the collective agreement has been accepted by our employees, who are represented by USW Local 6500 in Sudbury. COVID-19 has had devastating and unprecedented effects and destabilized our economy, industry and business,” said Mitch Medina, Vale`s North Atlantic Operations And Employee Manager, Mitch Medina. Over the past two days, ratification votes have taken place following an interim agreement between USW and Vale negotiators earlier this week. www.newswire.ca/…/steelworkers-humanity-fund-contrib. Wages will increase throughout each year of the new agreement. The cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will be in addition to annual wage increases. Based on inflation of 2% per annum, cola is expected to generate additional wage increases of 44 cents per hour or $2.20 per hour over the life of the agreement. Sudbury Counselling Centre employees, members of United Steelworkers (ETC) Local 2020, completed 10 weeks on the strike line by ratifying a new three-year collective agreement. “The one-year renewal of the CBA provides Vale and our employees with a solid foundation to meet the company`s challenges.

Together, we will continue to monitor and address the short-, medium and long-term effects of the pandemic on our operations. Our bargaining teams will continue to work on a new collective agreement plan sometime next year. The support was far from unanimous, but United Steelworkers Local 6500 says he is pleased that members voted in favour of a new one-year collective agreement with Vale in Sudbury. www.rcinet.ca/…/united-steelworkers-seeks-ottawas-h…/ The new contract calls for a significant increase in contributions to workers` pension plans.