Adherence Agreement Suomeksi

Who can use this shareholder contract? This shareholder pact is suitable for two people who create a limited company to manage a new operation in which each of them… Article 1 specifies the obligation in principle of the new shareholder, namely that he is bound by the terms of the shareholder contract from the moment he becomes a shareholder of the company. He also states that a copy of the shareholder contract was provided to him so that he would know what he was committed to. By fulfilling a loyalty obligation, the new shareholder becomes a party to the existing shareholder contract and is bound to all the terms of this agreement. We have more than one shareholder pact: for a company with two shareholders, see our document A107 or our document A166 for a company with three or more shareholders. It is a short document that can be used when an individual (or company) becomes a shareholder in a company whose shareholders have signed a shareholder contract. The new shareholder adheres as a party to the existing shareholders` pact. It is a tripartite agreement tailored to three people proposing the creation of a new company, each of which will be a shareholder and director. It`s a 4-page document…

Abatement Altistuksen pienentminen; Altistuksen vhentminenA abortion rate Raskaudenkeskeytystiheys; The Raskaudenkeskeytysluku abortion report; Aborttiluku Absolute Effect Absoluuttines vaikutusAbsolute Rate (1) Absoluuttinen tiheys; (2) absoluuttines esiintyvyys; jne (ks. Rate) Absolute Risk Absolute Risk riskiAbsolute Increase in risk Absoluuttisen riskin lisys (ks). Risk difference) Absolute risk reduction (ARR) Absoluuttisen riskin vhenem (ks. Risk Difference)Acceptable risk Hyvksyttv riski Acceptance From sampling Hyvksymisotanta Accident Onnettomuus; Tapaturma (ei suos.) Precision Osuvuus; Harhattomuus; Oikeellisuus; Validiteetti (mittauksen t. luokittelun) Active life expectancy Aktiivisen elinajan odote; Aktiivielinajanodote Activities of daily life (ADL) Scale Arkitoimintakyvyn asteikko; ADL-asteikkoActuarial Methode AktuaaritelmActuarial Rate Aktuaaritiheys; actuarie tiheysluku; Aktuaaritelmll laskettu tiheyslukuActuarial tisch Aktuaaritaulu; Aktuaarietelmll laadittu tauluAcute killinen; AkuuttiAdaptation Sopeuttaminen; Mukauttaminen; sopeutuminen; Mukautuminen; Adaptaatio; AdaptoituminesAjustation Additiivines malliAdherence Noudattaminen (esim. hoito-ohjeen) Adaptation Korjaus; korjaamines; Vakiointi fit, directly Suora korjaus; Suora vakiointiJustement, indirect Epsuora korjaus; Epsuora vakiointi Adverse effects HaittavaikutusAetiologic (al) Syy-; Syit koskeva; Etiologins (ks. Etiologic (al) jne.) Etiology etiologia (ks. Etiology)Age to Death KuolinikDurance dependence HuoltosuhdeAge Analysis of cohorts of Ik-aika-kohorttianalyysiAge-sex pyramid Ik-sukupuolipyramidi Age-specific I`ittinen; Ikryhmittins standardized IkvakiointiAgent (disease) Aiheuttaja (Taudin); Riskitekij (taudin) Aggregation bias Ekologinen harha; Aggregointiharha Ageing of the ikntyminen accord Yhtpitvyys (erit.