Booking Agreement Deutsch

Please note that booking hotel rooms is mandatory and it is not possible to cancel the booking later. No. 2. DEFINITIONS The terms used here are: a) Operator – BedBooking Sp. z o.o. based in Widnica, ul. Esperantyst`w 17, 58-100 ewidnica, NIP 8842785023, REGON 368536161, KRS 0000699738 E-mail: office [at] b) BedBooking – an Internet and mobile platform in possession and managed by the operator, through which you can use, among others, the internet service of, the Web application BedBooking, BedBooking for Android, BedBooking for iOS and BedBooking Widget, Easy B-B for Android Property, PropertyPRO for Android. c) account – an individual name (email address) and a password provided by the user, a set of resources in the bedbooking system where user data is collected. d) service – a service provided as part of BedBooking. e) Premium Service – a paid service that is offered as part of BedBooking Services. (f) users – an organization using “BedBooking” regardless of its legal form (a natural person having the force of law and, in the cases provided for by the provisions of general application, a natural person with limited legal capacity and a natural person who runs a business or corporation). (g) contract – contract for the provision of services through BedBooking – concluded indefinitely between the Operator and the User on the terms set out in the Terms and Conditions.

(h) Terms and conditions of sale – the terms and conditions that define BedBooking`s rules of use. i) BedBooking`s privacy policy – a document that outlines the rights and obligations of the operator and the user in the area of personal data protection. The operator makes users` privacy policies available in BedBooking. j) Price list – current price list for BedBooking services. k) The order form – a form available in the data management system that allows you to purchase premium services. Payment Booking confirmation is accompanied by a down payment to be paid within 10 days and the amount of which is fixed on the booking confirmation. In addition, the transfer or sale of reservations with the hotel are not allowed. Therefore, the main criteria for determining whether a particular restriction of competition is “incidental” appear to be the objective necessity and proportionality of the limitation, which is next to the main non-limiting transaction or the main activity. On the other hand, Article 101, paragraph 3 of the EUTS contains a test based on a series of cumulative criteria to determine whether a restrictive agreement can be exempted from competition because its efficiency gains outweigh the negative effects on competition. – Up to 30 days before arrival, 10% of the booking amount.

The customer`s right to cancel the booking does not apply to contracts for which the allowance has been qualified as early booking discounts. II. the conclusion of agreements on premium services. 1. The activation of premium services is payable. 2. Premium service is used in its entirety after selecting the preferred period for access to premium service and payment for premium service. 3. The Agreement on the implementation of the Premium service will come into effect when the funds are posted to the operator`s billing account. 4. Premium service is offered monthly. 5.

Premium service can also be used as a 30-day single trial period. 6. After filling out and shipping the order form, the user can make premium service orders.