Ibm Http Server License Agreement

Access the web server with IP server or host name to view the default IHS page. For program licensing agreements for programs announced prior to May 1, 1999, please contact your on-site IBM office or your local IBM partner. IBM HTTP Server (IHS) is based on an Apache HTTP server with additional features. It is free and included in IBM WAS. Host name: Enter the host name on which the application server is located. WebSphere Application Server version 8.5.5 contains a license update to change server load limitations and workload restrictions currently contained in program licenses for certain WebSphere Application Server editions. Make sure all entries are correct. The only entries that normally need to be changed are the storage locations for the IHS server and the plugin directory. If you want to use the Key Management utility (IKEYMAN), install the IBM developer kit for the Java V1.3 platform to create server certificates for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

This Developer Kit comes on the CD with the WebSphere Application server and is available on the following website: Select nodes: Select the node with which you want to create a Federation (this is usually the node of the application server or cluster on which the Centraler websites are installed). Click on the Options box I accept IBM and non-IBM`s terms to accept the license agreement (Figure 10-2) and click Next. The server load limitations and failo restrictions that are currently in the program licenses for some WebSphere Application Server programs version 8.5.5 have been updated. The conditions have been changed to allow an unlimited number of server profiles for clearing loads and defects instead of previously specified limitations. Server Name: Enter the unique name of this web server that was entered when IHS was installed. Confirm the new web server (Figure 10-15), then click Finish. You can now start and finish the web server via the WAS console using the web server selection. Click Continue in the “Select Web Server Model” screen (Figure 10-13).

Set up IBM`s HTTP management server to manage ibm HTTP Server GSKit installs a cryptographic code derived from the OpenSSL source code. If the open SSL license is not accepted during installation, SSL features may not work properly. Programs listed in the LI will be licensed under these licensing conditions, in addition to the program`s licensing terms previously agreed by Client and IBM. If the client has not previously agreed to agree on the licensing conditions that have come into effect for the program, either the international program licensing agreement or the international licensing agreement applies to unsecured programs, as stated in the IA. Affected Versions (“Relevant Products”) This update applies to the following versions of version 8.5.5: The inventory update message appears. You can click Cancel to complete the inventory update. skripting on this page improves content navigation, but the content is not changed under any circumstances. . This website contains information on IBM(LI) licenses that contain information and all additional conditions applicable to a program applicable to certain software announced or published after May 1999.

The InstallShield assistant welcome page for IBM HTTP Server is displayed. where is the host name or IP address of the host deploying manager and the port number on which the Deployment Manager console listens to the connections. Only WebSphere Application Server editions version 8.5.5, which have indicated load compensation and a failo restriction, are included in this update.