Queensborough Community College Transfer Agreements

Want to learn more about upcoming events that exchange information about transfer options? Check the events offered by the Transfer Resource Centre. Joint agreements are agreements between a community school and a four-year college, designed to provide students with information about the courses they should take during the end of their association license and the courses required during transmission. Visit the QCC Transfer Fair (offered each fall), transfer information seminars, four years of College Open Houses and campus tours to learn more about 4-year college programs. The Transfer Resource Centre (TRC) supports transfer students at the QCC with their preparations for senior university experience in a large number of university programs, supports students` public relations for transferawareness and works with external university partners. Receive acceptance and scholarship letters or emails from transfer schools. To help you get ahead of your graduation, we`ll consider the college courses you completed in high school for transfer credits. If you have taken university courses on a university campus or high school under sponsorship, check out our standard transfer criteria to the New York Tech Catalog and see if your classes are covered by our guidelines. Ask for the transfer to colleges four years before the published deadlines. Meet all application requirements that may include a portfolio, letter of recommendation or personal statements. Make a decision about which school you want to go to.

These articulation agreements define the courses that will be transferred from Queensborough to New York Tech and the courses you need to take to obtain your license. Make an appointment with a transfer advisor at the transfer resource centre to discuss transfer options. A transfer contract is a formal agreement between two or more higher education institutions and universities. This agreement outlines the rules for the transmission of a program or diploma designed for a smooth transfer for students. Queensborough Community College (QCC) has transfer agreements with CUNY, SUNY and four-year private colleges or universities. Our ten dual/joint programs allow students to use their associate degree of QCC to maximize their readiness for the higher division programs in biotechnology, computer science and information security, criminal justice, education, forensic accounting, forensic science, nursing and pharmaceutical studies. After successfully completing the Associate Degree program and Queensborough Community College, students receive a seamless transfer to the four-year bachelor`s program indicated at the university.