The Boyfriend Agreement

Emily Birmingham is determined to rebuild her life and open a country within a country. She even made a contract for herself. But when it comes to friends, will sturdy promoter Cooper Merrick sign on the polka dot line? The problem is that she can`t stop thinking about her false friend`s twin brother, Cole. If Bella can get out of her fake relationship and fall into a real one, without revealing her lies, or destroying her friendship and false friends, it`s hard work. When Bella asks him to be her fake friend, Bella does the unthinkable. She says yes. The rules are simple. Two weeks, no kisses and big lies. But things get complicated when Bella begins to develop feelings for her false friend`s brother. Cooper is here to give you baseball lessons. If he gets closer, will you learn the game or lose this match? Your buttons cat has turned your home into a war zone. If Cooper arrives like a knight in shining armor, is it the night you finally overcome his defense? Your night at Maple Tavern ends with the town`s nod to his daughter. Are you going to defend the girl and you`re ready to have dinner with Cooper`s parents? You`re surprised that Cooper is your new subcontractor.

Can you work with this robust campaign swarm? With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries to get up-and-coming information at a glance. Learn more about OverDrive accounts. It`s time for the big baseball game, and you couldn`t be more nervous. But is your friend Callie right – does Cooper care more about you than the game he loves? Funny, intelligent and wonderfully romantic, the Boyfriend Agreement is a story about a girl`s journey to help her friends and find love without getting lost. My first reading of this author and I LOVED it! After the hectic childhood she had, Emily decided that she took the last straw when the family business is given to her brother and not to herself. She inherits her alienated grandmother`s house outside the city and decides to regroup and restore the house and turn it into an inn, branch out into her own business and make it alone. But with Emily`s past, she vows to rest and rely on no one but herself, because she`s the only one she can count on, but when Cooper realizes her true feelings, is it too late? It was my first reading of Victoria, but it was SO FREAKING GOOD and certainly won`t be my last. I love spin in the plot, which is kind of a romantic norm, and his writing style was so awesome! I hope the rest of Cooper`s siblings will have their own books because I`d be depressed for this series! I have voluntarily read and recited an Advance Reader copy of this book….