Wta Collective Agreement Funeral

In schools with forty (40) equivalent or more full-time teachers, no more than three (3) teachers are on leave on the same day. In schools with less than forty (40) full-time equivalents, teachers are granted leave not exceeding two (2) teachers per school on the same day. (i) In the event of absence for approved purposes which include financial compensation for a teacher, the amount of such compensation may be deducted from the teacher`s regular salary until the teacher would have earned during the period of absence. (ii) In the event of absence for purposes approved by the Superintendent, including personal matters, a teacher may receive a regular salary less the rate of a substitute in the teacher`s salary classification. Appendix B: Excerpt from the Winnipeg School Division Policy Manual GCBD (ii) To Address an Educational Institution. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an employee may retain one (1) day of bereavement leave in the event that the funeral takes place at a later date or two (2) days when travel is required. (d) Teachers on leave shall be granted the same or a comparable post immediately before the acceptance of leave at the end of the leave, provided that the teacher on leave has informed the department of his intention to teach again in the department no later than the first day of instruction in April of a school year preceding the following school year. If a teacher has not informed the department of their intention to return before the first day of class in April, that teacher will be informed of the termination of their contract no later than May 31. (xi) In any event, up to one (1) day, which the Superintendent may designate as sufficiently one floor for such leave. (a) any day of service, parent-teacher or day of administration determined by the ministry or school; h) Teachers may be placed on leave to perform a teaching assignment or other similar duties sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Canada, provided that the maximum period for which such leave may be extended is limited to three (3) years. g) Leave may be granted to enable teachers to perform pedagogical work other than teaching, provided that the leave for this purpose is limited to one (1) year. .