1 Day Appointed Persons (AP) Course

Course Info

The One Day Appointed Persons course in the U.K. is intended for those personnel who are not First Aiders but would help and assist First Aiders in the workplace environment.

Appointed Persons cannot be used as substitutes if First Aiders are off sick, away from the site or on holiday.

"It should be remembered that appointed persons are NOT first aiders and so should not attempt to give first aid for which they have not been trained. However, as the appointed person is required to look after the first aid equipment and should ideally know how to use it, employers are strongly advised to consider the need for emergency first aid training for appointed persons. Courses normally last four hours."

(HSE – ACOP para 60, p12)

Our minimum charge is based on 6 candidates attending for In-House courses i.e. on your site.

The above costs includes course Handbook, certification and reminder service.

Add VAT to the above prices.