3Hrs Basic Skills Update (BSU) Course

Course Info

If you are undertaking the 1 Day EFAW course or the 3 Day FAW course the HSE (The Regulator) & the HSEA (our approval body) strongly recommend that each year of the lifetime of the 3 year certificate for both courses that you undertake a 3hr Basic Skills Update Course.

The course is normally run over 3 consecutive hours.

The course is normally run over 3 consecutive hours.

For on site courses our minimum charge is based on 6 candidates attending  i.e. on your site. Cost is £40 x 6 plus VAT

Alternatively, if you can access our Huddersfield training venue at the Byram Arcade simply book onto the morning (9am – 12noon) of any of our EFAW courses where the BSU course syllabus will be covered in full..

Candidates are issued with a Basic Skills Update Certificate (BSU) for their own personal Portfolios to indicate that they have attended an update session and to act as evidence of additional training as indicated in the ACOP of the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

NOTE TO EMPLOYERS: Please realise that it is insufficient to send your candidates on a First Aid course and then forget about their training for 3 years. Under the ACOP of the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations, employers have a duty to ensure that First Aiders receive additional First Aid training to maintain both their confidence and competence in life saving procedures.

The BSU course fulfills this requirement and the course is “strongly recommended” by both the HSE and the HSEA

The session will run from 9am – 12noon. The dates for all our courses can be found by clicking on the Red Banner at the top of our main page where it states “Click here for Course Dates”.