Established in 1985 by professionally qualified nurses for the purpose of promoting a high standard of training for employees to obtain the H.S.E. approved Certificate of First Aid at Work in the U.K. and now approved by HSEA.




There will be limitations and a reduction of candidate numbers on courses – see below:

        1. The HSE have announced an extension for refresher training beyond the 28 Day Rule to a maximum of 3 months during the Coronavirus pandemic, this is to try and ensure that First Aiders are not penalised by not being able to attend their statutory Refresher course due to being ill or having to self-isolate.
        2. In keeping with the Government’s recent announcement and the desire to minimise social distancing at this time we are offering an online course for Refresher candidates ONLY who cannot conveniently fit in with the HSE’s 3 month extension. This will enable them to undertake the course within the confines of their own home / office. To register for this course contact our main office on 01484 – 306030 or email us on
        3. There will still be limitations to our courses until such time as the coronavirus has been eradicated: all candidates must bring with them a mask and wear it for the duration of the course, the course tutor will wear a mask also, mouth to mouth resuscitation practice will no longer be taught,nor will the practical aspects of the recovery position, the theory of these procedures will be taught, bandaging skills theory will be taught but practice will not. There will be no more than 6 candidates per course to enable social distancing to continue. A copy of our Coronavirus Risk Assessment protocol will be sent to all candidates prior to attending. Further, in an effort to minimise cross infection no refreshments will be rpovided on our courses at this time. Candidiates are welcome to bring their own and or a packed lunch as they prefer.
        4. Our best wishes go out to all our tutors, candidates and clients, hoping that you will all be safe and healthy during this time and we hope that it wont be too long before we are all back to our normal daily routines. 

(Updated 26th June 2020 @ 18.33hrs)

P.F.E. is a privately owned / nurse managed company aimed at teaching the contents of the First Aid at Work syllabus under the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations in a realistic and interesting manner. With 28 years of HSE approval and currently approved by the HSEA, P.F.E. First Aid Training Services has become the longstanding partner for many corporate organisations throughout the U.K.

P.F.E. trains thousands of people each year for the Certificate of First Aid at Work (FAW) and the Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate (EFAW). It also trains people for the First Aid at Work Instructors certificate and issues certificates for short courses in First Aid, Appointed Persons Courses, Special Hazard Courses, Paediatric and AED courses. Fees are highly competitive and customers are strongly advised to shop around and compare our prices with other providers.

Note that many organisations are now offering training with no approval from any recognised body. Please ensure that your provider is a recognised and qualified provider. The quality of PFE’s courses is second to none.

Being one of the largest independent First Aid Training companies P.F.E. First Aid Training Services provides in-house training throughout the U.K. – wherever you are we can service your training requirements on a local or national basis.

From October 1st 2013 de-regulation of HSE approval occurred in England, Scotland and Wales. De regulation followed on 31st October 2017 for Northern Ireland. First Aid at Work certificates between Northern Ireland and the mainland are now recognised and interchangeable.

Training providers are no longer approved by the HSE. Instead recognition of training is provided through a variety of possibilities, some through Ofqual, some through the First Aid Industry itself and some through an independent route.

P.F.E. First Aid Training Services Ltd have adopted the independent route with due diligence and quality controls being monitored by an Independent body – the HSEA. Both Nursing Directors are members of the Royal College of Nursing.

P.F.E. First Aid Training Services Ltd is recognised for First Aid at Work Training through membership of the HSEA - the Health & Safety Education Approvals organisation (HSEA Ltd) that sets standards for all aspects of Health & Safety First Aid education, not just First Aid at Work.