Important Information…

We are continuing to train within the Government guidelines.

This training is regulatory assessed and underpinned by Government legislation in order to save lives in the workplace and eases the pressure on the NHS.

There will be limitations and a reduction of candidate numbers on courses – see below:

We now train only on customer’s own sites where they have 4 candidates or more or we enable them to do our online / blended learning courses.

We continue to train on clients own sites throughout the U.K. where there is a minimum of 4 candidates. This is the bulk of our training business and if you have not held a course on your own site before please get in touch and we will help you to organise it.

In keeping with the Government’s announcement and the desire to minimise social distancing at this time we are offering an online course for FAW Refresher candidates, EFAW candidates who have undertaken EFAW previously and BSU candidates ONLY. This will enable them to undertake the course within the confines of their own home / office. To register for this course contact our main office on 07774 272227 or email us on

There will still be limitations to our courses until such time as the coronavirus has been eradicated. All candidates MUST wear either a face mask or a face shield for the duration of the course, the course tutor will wear a mask also, mouth to mouth resuscitation practice will no longer be taught, nor will the practical aspects of the recovery position, the theory of these procedures will be taught, bandaging skills theory and practice will be taught.

There will be no limitations to numbers on courses providing the host site can provide a room that is big enough to enable social distancing. We recommend that candidates adhere to their in-house protocol / risk assessment for the Coronavirus and have their temperatures taken prior to entering the training venue.

HSE’s current guidance on the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981: is that those holding an FAW or EFAW qualification should undertake retraining before their original certificate expires and HSE strongly recommends that employers, and individuals holding those qualifications should plan for requalification training well in advance of expiry dates.

(Updated 2023)

CPR / Oxygen / Defibrillator training was delivered excellently, engaging and functional, ensuring we understood – Sheffield 2022

Covid-19 Important Information