Course Introduction

The Anaphylaxis Couse Content as delivered by P.F.E. First Aid Training Services Ltd is in keeping with that recommended by the Health Protection Agency and is useful for those who need to be able to manage anaphylaxis correctly. The course also gives candidates the opportunity to update their resuscitation skills.

Happy with the course, friendly inclusive manner in a relaxed environment – Wakefield 2022

Additional Information

As well as First Aid personnel who may need to be aware of Anaphylaxis, how to recognise it and how to manage this life threatening situation it is also recommended that all healthcare professionals advising on immunisation or administering vaccines should receive specific training in the recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis.

Cost of the course is £45 per person plus VAT.

If undertaking the course on site i.e. your own premises a minimum of 6 candidates is required or if less the course cost is £270 plus VAT

The price also includes the cost of the course Handbook

During the course you will find yourself in a friendly environment where rather than be spoken at you will be involved in a discussion-style environment that lends itself just as much to what the Instructor can tell you as to what knowledge and life experiences you bring to the course as well.

With 0ver 30 Years of experience – you’re in the safest of hands.

PFE have done away with the starched regimented approach to First Aid Instruction and instead provide a happy meaningful environment where “shared” learning and experiences can come together to underpin the factual knowledge required to become a First Aider.

Each tutor and assessor is individually assessed and evaluated in terms of their delivery by you the candidate, so while we are running courses all over the UK you will be our eyes and ears into assisting us with our quality control delivery.

Covid-19 Important Information