How We Do It

The Key is Communication

What, Where & When…

From the very beginning when your first make contact with us we communicate with you in terms of pre-course administration so you are always aware of what is happening, when it is happening and what the requirements are.


If you need to cancel a candidate on one of our courses simply give up to 2 weeks notice or more and there will be no cancellation charge applicable. Less than 2 weeks notice the full fee will be due. However if a candidate fails to attend due to reasons e.g. ill health, bereavement etc and providing the original invoice is paid we will hold such monies over as a credit for a period of 2 months to enable the candidate to re-take the course at no extra cost at a more suitable time. If the candidate does not attend a course within that time frame, and still wishes to attend a course then a new invoice and a repayment of a new invoice will be required.

If there are special circumstances applicable to the candidate not being able to attend the course and providing the original invoice has been paid it's possible for a further extension of 1 month to be granted. Please note this is a good-will gesture by P.F.E. First Aid Training Services to help and enable any client who has had some difficulty which has prevented them from attending a course. If a candidate fails to pay the original invoice under the terms stated i.e. prior to the course commencing the above good-will gesture will not be applicable.

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