2 Hr C.P.R. Course

Course Info

C.P.R – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation – perhaps the most important life-saving skill you will ever learn.

This skill is a much needed acquisition for everyone young or old, school children, workers, pensioners. Most people, providing they have no adverse medical condition that contra indicates them using these simple skills, can undertake C.P.R.

The 2 Hour C.P.R. Course is suitable for anyone, young or old who wishes to learn the important, potentially life saving skills of mouth to mouth ventillation and chest compression.

The skills of a C.P.R. Course should be renewed on a regular basis.

P.F.E. issue a certificate of competency in C.P.R. which should be renewed every 6 months.

It is scientifically proven that C.P.R. saves life, even bad C.P.R. is better than no C.P.R. at all. So why not have a go – “SAVE A LIFE LEARN C.P.R.”

Where large numbers of personnel are required to be trained we will negotiate a discounted price.

For existing First Aiders the CPR course can be combined with the AED course at no extra cost.

Our minimum charge is based on 6 candidates attending for In-House courses i.e. on your site. Cost is £35 x 6 plus VAT

Candidates wishing to attend a CPR course at our Hudderfield training venue simply attend the first 3hrs of any EFAW course from 9am – 12noon when the course syllabus will be covered in full including the use of an AED. – Cost is £35 per person plus VAT

The above costs include training notes and certification and reminder service.

Add VAT to the above prices.